4moms RockaRoo
4moms RockaRoo
4moms RockaRoo
4moms RockaRoo
4moms RockaRoo

    4moms RockaRoo


      It's all about our base. The RockaRoo® Baby Rocker's unique base design creates a rhythmic front-to-back motion baby loves. Unlike other rockers, we’ve moved the motion’s pivot point from overhead to under the seat, creating a super compact footprint. Oh, and by the way, you don’t need a parent to power it. It’s automated.

      Don’t let our small, compact size fool you. The RockaRoo keeps baby safe and happy anywhere and everywhere in your home. Because at 4moms, nobody puts baby in a corner.


      • Rhythmic, front-to-back rocking motion
      • Five range of motion settings
      • Compact size
      • Removable, interactive toy balls (rattle, mirror, and crinkle ball) entertain baby and support sensory development
      • Easy to remove, machine washable fabric
      • Powered by AC Adaptor (no batteries required)

      While your little one is chilling in the RockaRoo, the interactive toy mobile will keep them entertained and support their sensory development. And, when laundry day rolls around, simply zip off the seat fabric and toss it in the washing machine.